Pilatesology Exercise Encyclopedia

Mat Exercises

Sit Down No Hands
The Hundred
The Roll Up
The Roll Over
Leg Circles
Rolling Like A Ball
Single Leg Stretch
Double Leg Stretch
Single Straight Leg Stretch
Double Straight Leg Stretch
The Criss Cross
Spine Stretch Forward
Open Leg Rocker
The Corkscrew
The Saw
Neck Roll
Swan Dive
Single Leg Kicks
Double Leg Kicks
Thigh Stretch
Neck Pull
Scissors and Bicycle
Shoulder Bridge
High Bridge
Spine Twist
The Jackknife
Side Kicks Front Back
Side Kicks Up Down
Side Kicks Circles
Side Kicks Bicycle
Side Kicks Inner Thigh Lifts and Beats
Side Kicks Inner Thigh Circles
Side Kicks Grande Ronde Jambe
Side Kicks Hot Potato
Side Kicks Big Scissors
Teaser 1, 2, & 3
Hip Circles
Leg Pull Front
Leg Pull Back
Kneeling Side Kicks
Side Bend
Snake Twist
Roll Over Balance Control
Standing Twist

Reformer Exercises

Footwork Series: Toes, Arches, Heels, Tendon Stretch
The Hundred
Rowing Series: Into the Sternum, 90 Degrees, From Chest, From Hips, Shave, Hug
Long Box: Swan
Long Box: Pull Straps & T
Long Box: Backstroke
Long Box: Teaser
Long Box: Breaststroke
Long Box: Hamstring Curls
Long Box: Horseback
Long Stretch
Down Stretch
Up Stretch
Long Back Stretch
Stomach Massage Series: Round, Hands Back, Reach Up, Twist
Tendon Stretch
Short Box Series: Round, Flat, Twist, Around the World, Tree
Side Sit Ups
Short Spine Massage & High Frog
Headstands 1 & 2
Chest Expansion
Thigh Stretch & Thigh Stretch Backbends
Arm Circles
Snake & Twist
Headstand with Straps
Corkscrew & Tic Toc
Balance Control Off
2nd Long Box: Grasshopper, Rocking, Swimming
Long Spine
Frogs & Leg Circles
High Bridge
Kneeling Knee Stretches: Round, Arched, Knees Off, One Leg Variations
Pelvic Lift
Control Push Up Front & Back
Side Splits
Front Splits
Russian Splits
Russian Squats