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Perfect for when you can't get on the floor.


Connect your core & wake up your muscles.


Learn how to do Pilates right for your body.

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Tips & Troubleshooting

What kind of mat should I use?

Tip | 2 min

How often should I do Pilates & when to go to next class?

Tip | 2 min

How to breathe in Pilates

Tip | 5 min

What to do if your neck hurts

Tip | 3 min

What to do if your tailbone hurts

Tip | 2 min

Back, Hip, SI Joint Pain Tips

Tip | 2 min

Stand Up with No Hands Tips

Tip | 4 min

Hip Clicks & Foot Cramps - How To Fix It

Tip | 3 min

Why Can't I Do The Roll Up, Teaser, Neck Pull?

Tip | 2 min

What is Neutral Pelvis or Neutral Spine?

Tip | 7 min