Beginner Quick Start

Whether you're new to Pilates or just need a quick refresher, we've created a self-assessment and beginner progression series for you. Follow the steps below to get started on your journey.

Step 1:

Follow along to our Self-Assessment video below to choose the level for you.

Step 2:

Choose one of our 3 beginner progression programs below:

Pilates in a Chair is perfect for when you can't get down on the floor.

6 Classes

If you had a hard time with our Self-Assessment, then Pre-Pilates is going to be a game-changer!

6 Classes

If you're new to Pilates and want to learn all the tricks for getting it right, this is the ticket.

12 Classes

Getting started on your Reformer?

Past the beginner level? See more workouts for you below:

Want to see everything?

Tips & Troubleshooting

What kind of mat should I use?

Tip | 2 min

How often should I do Pilates & when to go to next class?

Tip | 2 min

How to breathe in Pilates

Tip | 5 min

What to do if your neck hurts

Tip | 3 min

What to do if your tailbone hurts

Tip | 2 min

Back, Hip, SI Joint Pain Tips

Tip | 2 min

Stand Up with No Hands Tips

Tip | 4 min

Hip Clicks & Foot Cramps - How To Fix It

Tip | 3 min

Why Can't I Do The Roll Up, Teaser, Neck Pull?

Tip | 2 min

What is Neutral Pelvis or Neutral Spine?

Tip | 7 min