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Step 1:
Take our Self-Assessment to choose the level for you.

After taking Alisa Wyatt's Pilates Self-Assessment, scroll down to see our series for beginners:
Pilates in a Chair Series
Pre-Pilates Series
Basic Progression Series

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Spine Safe Mat Workouts (for issues like osteoporosis, disc problems, abdominal surgery...)
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Step 2:
Choose one of our 3 beginner progressions

Pilates in a Chair

Alisa Wyatt Teaching Pilates in a Chair Workout

Pilates in a Chair is perfect for when you can't get down on the floor. | 6 Classes


at home Pilates workouts with no equipment

If you had a hard time with our Self-Assessment exercise then Pre-Pilates is going to be a game-changer for you. | 6 Classes


9354 Alisa STILL

If you're new to Pilates and want to learn all the tricks for getting it right, this is the ticket. | 10 Classes