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Peter - Testimonial landing page

Pilatesology keeps me in shape to serve others.


I am 84 years old and run a nonprofit. After a hospital visit, I was in pain and unable to walk. I began a daily Pilates routine using the resources of My results were amazing! For example, a couple of days ago, I went dancing hard and without a break for a full three and a half hours --- with no pain and no loss of energy!

Peter S.
Daina Intro To Pilates testimonial

My philosophy is… ‘Pilates Will Change Your Life if You Let It’


Pilatesology is rich with support for those of us who find Pilates a meaningful part of our lives. The more I click around the more I find. Pilates has changed the direction of my life. It leaves me feeling confident and optimistic as well as strong and fit. It is without doubt the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.

Daina H.
Jennifer Pinnata testimonial -- testimonial page

Pilatesology allows me to stay on top of my teaching game and has been a big help to my own fitness.


I love Pilatesology because it allows me to stay on top of my teaching game with the elite instructors showcased on a regular basis. The regular email blasts which include suggested videos are extremely helpful. Most importantly, it has been a big help to my own fitness needs being that I can't afford to attend classes or have regular private training.

Jennifer P.
molly c member spotlight

Pilatesology makes Pilates and real, meaningful progress accessible to everyone.


Through Pilates I’ve improved my balance, upper body strength, and mental health. I had a baby right before Covid and spent a couple years feeling out of shape and stuck. I thought Pilates would help bring some of myself back. Pilatesology felt ideal. The value for money is amazing and I wouldn’t have to go anywhere. Alisa has been a wonderful virtual mentor.

Molly C.
Martha Curioni testimonial

I am really happy I found Pilatesology and am noticing a lot of positive improvements in my body.


I use Pilatesology to strengthen my core given lower back issues I've had throughout my life, improving my health in general with regular exercise that isn't strenuous on my joints, improving awareness of how I use my body throughout the day (e.g. posture, bending to pick things up, reaching, etc.) to prevent injury / pain. I really like the verbal cues throughout the classes that help you to get and maintain correct form. The online instructors are really good at explaining and coaching you through how your body should be positioned, where you should feel it, etc. I also like that there are shorter and longer classes, which allows me to fit in my workout in my schedule.

Martha C.
Celine R. - testimonial

I feel so good in my body that I no longer feel the need to scrutinize it. I'm happy with my body!


I started doing Pilates when I hurt my back 14 months ago. Have been doing Pilates with Pilatesology every day since. I can't begin to tell you all the improvements I've noticed. And perhaps most importantly, at the age of 49, I finally feel so well in my body that I no longer feel the need to scrutinise it and feel I could improve this and that. Pilates is extremely satisfying and the lessons are just great. It's brilliant to have access to so many teaching styles, cues, etc.

Celine R.
Lourene Phillips - Testimonial

Thanks for investing in your company and growing over the years. You make it easy for me to make an investment... in me.


It's my 10 year anniversary with Pilatesology! When I first joined, I was so excited for an affordable way to start practicing Pilates. Working out online was less common back then, but I could learn the foundations as slow as I wanted. I finally got a Gratz Reformer and a whole new world opened up to me in Pilates. I've been training for years to complete my bucket list trip, the Ernest Shackleton Crossing on South Georgia Island. Most of the technical mountaineering requires a really strong core. I said to myself, "I know the people to go to for that!" I just returned from my trip and saw it's a big year for us, the big 10!

Lourene P.
Tan Wells Testimonial

I enjoy the feeling of being part of the Pilatesology community. I have been a member since almost the beginning and Pilatesology is an essential part of my weekly life - dependable yet continues to be fresh.


I can't get to the studio and my instructor as often as I would like, so Pilatesology adds a lot to my practice. I love the access to a variety of teachers with their perspectives and cues. While I am mostly an enthusiast today, I like to hear the teacher to teacher comments for deeper understanding, and maybe for me if I ever go through teacher training. To that end I enjoy the full workouts as well as the focused sessions on specific exercises or skills. The variety of classes and the use of the equipment is great. The access for the price point is unbeatable. And I see the programming being developed with more series, challenges and live sessions - all very engaging. 

Tan W.
Kelly James Testimonial

Pilatesology is perfection to me. Great instruction, great instructors, lots of variety. It has really changed my life.


I've been doing Pilates off & on for many years. I live in a rural area with no studio or teachers. I found Pilatesology while caring for my mom with dementia. Pilatesology has helped me get serious about Pilates for the first time. I do it every day and am now looking to level up my skill. I just do it for me. It makes me feel good.

Kelly J.
Regina Harrsion

My favorite part of Pilatesology is the constant new challenges and the exposure to so many high quality instructors.


There is simply nothing like Pilates for overall fitness and building a strong foundation for other activities in my life (horseback riding, barn work, running, gardening). I choose Pilatesology over in-person classes near me partly for convenience but most of all for the top notch quality teachers who are rooted in Joseph Pilates' authentic methodology yet always find ways to make workouts fresh and new

Regina H.
Chloe Richer testimonial

I think your site is wonderful! I can't wait to dive in deeper and try more classes, watch the lectures, etc.


I love being able to learn both the history, anatomy/kinesiology, and technique. The interviews are fantastic. I studied Pilates in 1997-99 as part of my MA in Dance Education, but never felt confident enough to pursue it further. Now I'm a yoga therapist, and I know many of my clients would love to learn Pilates as well, so teacher certification seems like a wonderful skill to add to my "toolkit".

Chloe T.
Hamsa Testimonial

I love Pilatesology for the amazing content! Wonderful teachers, great workouts and workshops, beautiful website that’s easy to use. 


Pilatesology gives me inspiration to keep working out at home, helps whenever I feel I’m extra stiff or achy somewhere, it helps me push myself more than if I trained by myself. When I’m extra tense it helps me relax in my body and calm my mind. When I miss a certain Pilates teacher, I’m able to train with them, and Pilatesology helps me discover new teachers I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. I enjoy the interviews and learning more about the history of Pilates, sometimes I want to be in my body and not my mind and having a workout I to just follow helps.

Hamsa J.
Catherine Pagani Testimonial

Pilates to the rescue! It helped after surgery and continues to help me. Now that I am a trained teacher, I love seeing what Pilates can do for other bodies.


I was a competitive triathlete until an accident resulted in my first hip surgery. I discovered Pilates during my rehab. I've been a personal trainer for nearly 20 years and was very impressed with what (classical) Pilates could do. I decided I wanted to do comprehensive teacher training. Around that time, I was told that my hip had deteriorated and I would need a total hip replacement. Again, Pilates to the rescue! It helped after surgery and continues to help me. Now that I am a trained teacher, I love seeing what Pilates can do for other bodies. Pilates is transformative!

Catherine P.
kelsey mccahill

I’m a Pilates instructor and I use pilatesology every week for class inspiration as well as my own workouts.


I especially appreciate the classes that address client problems, such as modifying for injuries. I have a number of osteoporosis clients so that is greatly helpful. I really like the classes that have a theme or focus because that helps me give my group classes something new each week. As a practitioner, I can spend about 5-20 minutes exercising each day so I like the classes that give me a quick, fun and challenging workout. About 2x per week I have time for a longer workout on the equipment.

Kelsey M.
Theresa B. Testimonial

Pilatesology has really helped me learn to work at my pace. I love the encouraging vibe from all the classes.


I fractured my foot in January 2023. Pilatesology gave me a way to workout daily as I wasn't able to even do yoga with the injured foot. I'm a former cardio junkie and fitness instructor. Pilatesology helped me get exercise in daily, but also learn it's ok not to burn x amount of calories a day. I saw progress in new ways. Also, I believe it's the Pre-Pilates series, that focuses a lot on balance and foot work, that helped my foot heal quicker. It's still healing, a year later, but I really credit all that foot and balance work for getting me back to moving more "normally" quickly. I also appreciate Pilatesology focuses on the basics, so many other programs I've used assume you know a lot of the basic information. I do not have in person classes accessible to me.

Theresa B.

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