What Reformer springs do I use?

What Reformer springs do I use?

What Reformer springs do I use?

Confused about what spring setting to use?

We can help!

If your Reformer has colors, the colors tell you which springs are heavy, medium or light. Pilatesology videos use classical Reformers which have 4 springs, all the same tension so there are no color indicators.

Download our free 👉Pilates Reformer Springs Guide👈.

It’s a cheat sheet that lists the options so you can easily choose the right springs for each exercise. Put it next to your Reformer while you’re getting familiar with classical exercises.

Keep in mind that heavier springs don’t necessarily equal a harder workout! The springs are an assist to help you and a lighter spring will require more strength and control.

Looking for a list of exercises and spring settings? Here’s the classical Basic , Intermediate and Advanced Reformer order.

Reformer springs all the same weight and color

Classical Reformer – 4 springs all the same.

What spring color do I use?

Contemporary Reformer – 5 springs with colors to indicate different tension.


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