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Beginner's Guide

Get started guide to Pilatesology

Welcome to Pilatesology! Whether you’re a beginner, a Pilates pro, or a trained instructor, we’ve got you covered with thousands of workouts, educational videos, workout planning tools, an amazing community, and more. 

With tons of classes to choose from, it might feel overwhelming to figure out what to do first – especially if you’re new to Pilates!

We created this beginner’s guide to help you navigate the site (and app!) to get the most out of your Pilatesology experience. 

Make Pilatesology your own

First things first! We want to help you get started. When you login you’ll see your My Pilatesology page…

My Pilatesology

If you’re browsing around, clicking on My Pilatesology from the top menu takes you back to your home base on Pilatesology.

Consider this area of the site your fitness sanctuary with easy access to everything you may need!

member home page

Beginner Quick Start

New to Pilates or need a refresher? We’ve created a self-assessment and beginner progression series for you. Find it in your Beginner Quick Start page!

Start by taking our self-assessment and then choose one of our three beginner progression series options!

beginner quick start

Filter Classes

As a Pilatesology member, you now have access to over 1,600 classes. So, how do you choose? We have filters located in your Member Home Page and on the left hand side on our workouts page! If you’re on the app, you’ll see a search button in the bottom menu on the homepage.

These filters help you narrow down classes to fit exactly what you’re looking for. From duration to level to body needs, equipment & props!

My Workout Calendar

Would you like a personalized workout calendar that lets you to plan out your workouts to align with your goals, and even get notifications sent directly to you with your workout for the day? We’ve got that!

Click on My Workout Calendar from your Member Homepage and you’ll be asked a few questions to set up your plan and notification times.

The best part? You can come back and change this anytime you’d like! So if you level up or add on equipment and props – your schedule will work for you!


Our Playlist function lets you create your own personal & private selection of classes. You can also ‘share’ your Playlists to make them visible to members & ‘follow’ any ‘public’ Playlist.

Our members are using Playlists for collecting their favorite travel-friendly workouts, quick workouts, vacation substitute teacher, following Pilatesology public curated playlists, and so much more!

Programs & Challenges

We have over 20 programs & challenges for you to choose from! We’ve done the work of finding the best collections to get you to your goal.

Observe & Learn

Whether you’re a teacher, a teacher-in-training or a Pilates enthusiast, our Observe & Learn classes will help you on your Pilates journey.

You can get to our Observe & Learn workshops, encyclopedia, interviews, teacher tips, and more from your Member Homepage or at the top dropdown menu.

Set up your workout space

Setting up your home workout space is one of the best ways to stick to your goals. Watch my one-minute video showing my own home workout space.

Below are some more guidelines and tips on equipment and props to set yourself up for success and take your workouts to the next level:


  • When selecting a mat for your workouts, go with something cushioned enough to protect your spine from the floor.
  • Not sure what to get? Watch my quick video on the differences between professional Pilates mats and home mats here!


  • The classical Reformers you see in our videos use 4 springs that are all the same tension and color.
  • However, home Reformers usually come with 5 springs that use colors to indicate different tension which might be confusing to figure out at first. So we created a quick guide to make it easy! Download our free Spring Settings Guide and use it for our Home Reformer Progression!

Weights & Magic Circle

  • Once a week I add light weights to my workout and boom, instant mat boost! 🧨 
  • You can find the weights and magic circles I like in our store.

At-Home Props

From towels to chairs, see how you can have a great Pilates workout with stuff you already have at home: Check out our post on Pilates with At-Home Props.

Ready, set, GO!

Find your first class

Use filters to guide you in selecting your first workout!

Whether you’re looking for a quick ten minute ab burner or a full 45 minute flow – we have options for every craving.

Build a workout plan or join a program – or both!

The easiest way to build your Pilates habit and hit your goals is including Pilates in your workout routine at least three times a week.

Take the guesswork out of your day! Edit your personalized workout plan to receive daily reminders for your selected workout or join a program to follow a plan.

Join the community

By signing up for Pilatesology you’re signing up to be a part of an amazing community of like-minded Pilatesologists!

Join the Pilatesology Facebook Community page

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Every step of the way you’ll have a community behind you to share inspiration, get help, and find daily motivation and tips.


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