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Beginner's Guide

Welcome to Pilatesology! Whether you’re a beginner or a trained instructor we’ve got you covered with thousands of workouts, educational videos, workout planning tools, an amazing community, and more. 

But with so many choices you might feel overwhelmed so we created this guide to make finding your favorite workouts easy! 

Let’s make Pilatesology your own with the following features…

My Library

Clicking My Library from the top menu takes you to your home base on Pilatesology.

Here you have easy access to classes you’ve taken or saved, Playlists you’ve created, etc.

Beginner Quick Start

If you’re new to Pilates or need a refresher, we have several workout progressions to get you started.

Take the self-assessment on our Beginner Quick Start page to find out which series is right for you!

Filter Classes

You have unlimited access to over 2400 classes. So, how do you choose?

Use the Filters on the My Library page or click Workouts to see Filters on the left.

On the mobile app: touch Search on the bottom to filter classes.

Filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for – duration, level, body needs, equipment & props!

My Workout Plan

Would you like a personalized calendar that plans your workouts and sends you reminders with your workout for the day? We’ve got you covered!

Click on My Workout Plan on your My Library page and you’ll be asked a few questions to set up your plan and (optional) notifications.

Come back and make changes anytime you like.

**My Workout Plan is only on the Pilatesology website, not the app (we’re working on it!)


Click the + sign next to any class to create your own Playlist.

You can share your Playlist so other members can follow it or keep it private.

Our community uses Playlists to find or save favorite lists of travel workouts, Reformer workouts, homework for clients and so much more!

Programs & Challenges

We have so many Programs & Challenges for you to choose from!

Designed to get you to your goals, these workout series take you on a step-by-step journey to meet your goals, whatever they are.


Whether you’re a teacher or a Pilates enthusiast, our Observe & Learn classes answer all your burning questions.

Click Learn at the top of any page or use the Filters to find workshops, Exercise Encyclopedia, interviews, teacher tips, Pilates history and more.

Set up your workout space

Setting up your home workout space is one of the best ways to stick to your goals.

Here’s a one-minute video of my own home workout space.

Read on for my tips on the best equipment and props for home use:


  • When selecting a mat for your workouts, go with something cushioned enough to protect your spine from the floor.
  • Not sure what to get? You want enough cushion so you don’t feel your spine in rolling exercises. Watch my quick video on the differences between pro Pilates mats and home mats here!


  • The classical Reformers you see in our videos use 4 springs of the same color and tension.
  • Your Reformer might instead have colored springs to indicate different tensions. Print out our free Spring Settings Guide as a cheat sheet when choosing spring settings!
  • If you’re a beginner, my Home Reformer Progression is a perfect kickstart that covers different types of Reformers.

Weights & Magic Circle

  • Once a week I add light weights to my home workout and boom, instant mat boost! 🧨 
  • You can find the weights and magic circles I like in our store.

At-Home Props

You can get a great Pilates workout with stuff you already have in your house: Check out our post on Pilates with At-Home Props.

Ready to workout?

1) Find your first class

Use our Filters to select your first workout!

Whether you’re looking for a quick ten minute ab burner or a full 45 minute flow – we have options for every craving.

2) Build a workout plan, join a program – or both!

The easiest way to hit your goals is to do Pilates 3x a week.

Set up My Workout Plan to get daily reminders or join a Program so you don’t have to make decisions.

Join the community

By signing up for Pilatesology you’re part of an amazing community of like-minded Pilatesologists!

Join the Pilatesology Facebook Community page

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Every step of the way you’ll have a supportive community behind you to share inspiration, get help, and find daily motivation and tips.


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