Workout and Learn from the Best

Our variety of unique, world-class instructors inspire with words and lead the most effective workouts and learning classes for all levels.

Alisa Wyatt

Pilatesology Co-Founder
Teaching since 1999
Hermosa Beach, CA

Alexandra Bohlinger

Pilates in Portuguese
London, UK

Alycea Ungaro

Author & Celebrity Trainer
New York, NY


Amy Berger

Star Pilates

Philadelphia, PA

Andrea Maida

Pilates Blogger
Teaching since 2003
Solana Beach, CA


Anthony Rabara

Romana's Pilates
Teacher Trainer
Teaching since 1983
Princeton, NJ

Blossom Leilani Crawford

Worked closely with First Generation Teacher
Kathleen Stanford Grant
Brooklyn, NY

Bob Liekens

Mar 1955 - Oct 2018
International Teacher Trainer
Began teaching in 1986


Brett Howard

Senior Teacher Trainer for
The NY Pilates Studio
Teaching since 1998
Jersey City, NJ

Brooke Siler

Author & Celebrity Trainer

London, UK

Carrie Russo

Romana Kryzanowska certified 2005
Los Angeles,CA


Cary Regan

Began teaching alongside Romana Kryzanowska in 1981
One of Romana's original 8 Teacher Trainers
New York, NY


Cathy Strack

Author & Historian
Romana biography 'Love All Around'
Cincinnati, Ohio


Chris Blackburn

Former gymnast known for his fun, flowing classes.
Teaching since 2006
Seattle, WA


Chris Robinson

Oprah's core coach
Muay Thai Kickboxing Champ
Houston, Texas


Clare Dunphy Hemani

Teaching since 1995
Creator of Pilates Avatar Audio Program
Newburyport, MA


Cynthia Lochard

Romana's Pilates Level 1 Teacher Trainer
Started Pilates in 1976 w/ Romana
Sydney, Australia

Cynthia Shipley

Romana’s Pilates Level II
Teacher Trainer
New York, NY

Dorothee Vandewalle

Founder of M.A.T Teacher Training Program
Teaching since 1981
Seattle, WA


Elaine Ewing

The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher of Teachers

Elvy Perez Zorich

Pilates en Espanol
Montclair, NJ


Ernesto Reynoso

Teaching since 2006
Pilates en Espanol


Fabien Menegon

Pilates en Espanol & English
International Presenter
Teaching since 2001
Barcelona, Spain


Gaia Faggiani

Pilates in Italian
Teaching since 2006
Rome, Italy


Gina Papalia

One of NYC's most in-demand trainers
Teaching since 1996
New York, NY


Gloria Gasperi

Pilates in Italiano & more!
Sarzana, Italy


Inelia Garcia

Named "Teacher of Teachers"
by Romana in 1999
Runs largest Pilates network in Latin America
São Paulo, Brasil

Jay Grimes

Taught by Joe Pilates in the 1960's
Los Angeles, CA


Jean-Claude Nelson

Teaching since 1996
Munich, Germany


Jennifer Kries

Author & video star, sold over 15 million DVDs
First did Pilates as a 13 year old ballerina


Dr. Joe Muscolino

Teacher and author
kinesiology, musculoskeletal, visceral anatomy, physiology, and pathology

José Miguel

Technical Coordinator 

Pilates Studio, Brasil

São Paulo, Brasil

Juan Carlos Penuela

Pilates en Espanol
New York, NY


Junghee Won

Co-founded Korea's first Pilates studio
Teaching since 1999
Edgewater, NJ


Kara Wily

Teaching since 1993
Los Angeles, CA


Karen Frischmann

Educator & Business Coach
Teaching since 1997
Los Angeles, CA


Kathi Ross Nash

Author & International Presenter
Founder of PPAT Training Program

Kim Reis

Known for her fluid, authentic teaching style
Teaching since 1999
Portland, OR

Lauren Stephen

Founder of first Pilates studio in Seattle

Lori Coleman-Brown

Internationally recognized educator
Teaching since 1986
Seattle, WA

Lynann Escatel

Teaching since 2008
New York, NY


Mari Winsor

March 11, 1950 – April 28, 2020

Her infomercials made Pilates a household name

Maria Sison-Wright

Physical therapist & Pilates teacher
Teaching since 2004
Washington, DC


Marina Urbina

Certified by Chris Robinson  in 2013


Mejo Wiggin

Created The Classical Syllabus Teacher Training Program
Teaching since 1995
Greenwich, Connecticut


Michael Johnson

Known for his charismatic teaching style
Teaching since 1997
New York, NY

Miguel Silva

Pilates in Spanish, Portuguese & English
Almadena, Portugal

Miriam Sanchez

Pilates en Espanol
Santiago, Chile


Molly Niles Renshaw

Owner of Phoenix Pilates
Teaching since 1999
Los Angeles, CA


Moses Urbano

Internationally recognized educator
Teaching since 1999
San Diego, CA


Nicole Smith-Alvarez

Infectious energy & incredible results to her clients from NFL pros to regular folks.

Niedra Gabriel

Holistic approach to Pilates
Ojai, CA

Peter Roel

Director of Pilates Shop Teacher Training
Teaching since 1994
New York, NY


Phoebe Higgins

Director of Pilates School of American Ballet
Worked w/ Romana since 1976
New York, NY

Sabina Formichella

Known for her groundbreaking research on Pilates
Rome, Italy

Sandy Shimoda

Owner of Vintage Pilates
Discovered Pilates in 1994
Los Angeles, CA


Sarita Allen

Mentored by Pilates Elder Kathy Grant
Part of Alvin Ailey for 30 years
New York, NY

Sean Gallagher

Co-Creator of Romana's Pilates training manual
New York, NY

Seran Glanfield

Romana certified business consulting for your fitness & wellness business

Shari Berkowitz

Biomechanist & Ergonomist
Founder: The Vertical Workshop
Peekskill, NY


Simona Cipriani

International Educator
Teaching since 1993
Stamford, CT


Sonje Mayo

Studied with Joseph Pilates in the 1960s
Nashville, TN


Susan Moran Sheehy

Creator of Power Pilates
Teaching over 30 years
East Hampton, New York


Tamika Walker

Romana’s Pilates Level III Instructor Trainer & Certified Instructor

Teresa Shupe

Owner Atlas Pilates

Seattle, WA

Tiziana Trovati

Featured in Romana's first instructional video
Teaching since 1998
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Trish Garland

Romana’s Pilates Teacher-Trainer
30 years teaching experience
Los Angeles, CA

Victoria Torrie-Capan

Known for her effective approach to the Pilates system
Teaching since 2005
New York, NY

Zoë Hagler

Started Pilates in 1987
Teacher trainer for Romana's first school
Pasadena, CA