Carrie Russo

Carrie Russo Pilates Instructor

Carrie is a highly accomplished and respected Pilates instructor who earned her certification from the prestigious Romana’s Pilates International in 2005. Romana’s Pilates is renowned as one of the most elite Pilates certifications worldwide, adding to Carrie’s credibility and expertise in the field.

As a dedicated student of The Pilates Method, Carrie actively seeks to expand her knowledge and skills by studying under the respected elders of Romana’s Pilates.

Carrie’s unique style of teaching combines her expert knowledge of the Method and genuine enthusiasm for helping people transform their bodies.  She approaches every session with her core philosophy: Working hard and having fun are not mutually exclusive.

In 2020 Carrie created her Mentorship designed to not only help teachers deepen their understanding of Classical Pilates but also provide a supportive community.  Her Mentorship has become a global success and continues to thrive.  Additionally, Carrie travels and teaches workshops worldwide.

Carrie has earned the reputation of being a “Teacher of Teachers” due to her ability to simplify The Method, enabling other instructors to comprehend and effectively apply it to their own teaching practice.  Carrie continues to gain international recognition through social media as she has dedicated her Instagram account to educating a wide audience on Classical Pilates, showing how accessible and fun it is.  She can be found at @russopilates.  Also, Carrie is honored to be an instructor on the esteemed website, Pilatesology.

Whether teaching workshops abroad, working with a private client in her studio or filming for Pilatesology, she takes great joy in sharing her knowledge and passion for Pilates. Carrie  is continually humbled and grateful for so many wonderful opportunities.

Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates and follow her on Instagram @russopilates.


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