Carrie Russo

Pilatesology Instructor Carrie Russo

Carrie earned her certification from the prestigious Romana’s Pilates program in 2005.
Romana’s Pilates is recognized as one of the most elite Pilates certifications in the world.
While in training Carrie studied under the direct tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska,
Joseph Pilates famed protégé. Carrie’s unique style of teaching combines her expert
knowledge of the craft and genuine enthusiasm for helping people transform their bodies.
Carrie approaches every session with her core philosophy: Working hard and having fun
are not mutually exclusive.
Carrie continues to gain international recognition through social media as she has
dedicated her Instagram account to educating the masses on Classical Pilates and
showing how accessible and fun it is.  She can be found at @russopilates
Carrie teaches workshops for both teachers and Pilates enthusiasts around the globe. She
takes great joy in sharing her knowledge and passion for Pilates. Visit to see if she’ll be in your city!


Carrie's Classes

Carrie Russo PIlates Small Barrel


Small Barrel Fun

Carrie Russo

Carrie Russo Wunda Chair Workout


Wunda Your Day Away!

Carrie Russo

Carrie Russo Pilates Tower workout


Time for Tower

Carrie Russo


Basic Reformer Flow

Carrie Russo


Neck Repair with Pilates

Carrie Russo

Carrie Russo Pilates Imagine Mat


Imagine Mat

Carrie Russo


Transform Your Form Mat

Carrie Russo


Cardio Pilates Challenge INTRO

Carrie Russo