Alexandra Bohlinger

Online Pilates Instructor
A native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Alexandra moved to New York at the age of 19 to study and pursue a career in dance. While working as a personal trainer and teaching dance classes, Alexandra desired to improve her ballet skills and was introduced to authentic classical method of Pilates. After her first lesson she was decided to become a teacher of the technique, and began at True Pilates New York (Drago’s), where she trained under the legendary Romana Kryzanowska, Joe Pilates’ own protégé. Alexandra studied with Romana, her daughter Sari Mejia Santo, Jerome Weinberg, Cynthia Shipley, Bob Liekens and a number of workshops and privates with Jay Grimes.
Alexandra has been teaching the classical method of Pilates over a decade (since 2005). After graduating with Romana in NYC, she moved to Southern California where she spent a few years at Pilates Works with Tiziana Trovati and then with the famous Mari Winsor in Beverly Hills. She eventually opened her own studio in Los Angeles, True Pilates Manhattan Beach, while continued to perform ballet at the prestigious Colburn School of Dance and Music. Her clients have included world-famous singers, actors and professional athletes, and real people wanting to improve their body through Pilates. She credits authentic classical Pilates with helping her ballet technique improve as well as helping her get back into great shape after three successful pregnancies and now keeping up with her two children and new baby. Alexandra studied Sport Science at Durham University in the UK where she had True Pilates Durham. While at Durham she thought Pilates to the Durham ballet company where she also performed with. Alexandra also holds a Masters degree in Osteopathy from The British School of Osteopathy in London (UCO) to deepen her knowledge of the body and to better serve her clients at True Pilates Blackheath , a fully equipped studio with Gratz (reformer, cadillac, mat, baby chair, wunda chair, barrels…). Alexandra travels internationally and nationally teaching workshops and conferences to Pilates teachers helping them to deepen their knowledge of the Pilates in their own bodies and their teaching.
Alexandra is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a certified Personal Trainer. She loves teaching and helping people achieve the best of their abilities through physical training. She believes that the body has the ability to heal it self and authentic classical Pilates method can guide this natural process, by bringing more balance to the body.

Visit her studio in England: True Pilates Blackheath/London and follow Alexandra on Instagram @alexandra.osteopilates


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