Miguel Silva

Miguel Silva Pilatesology Instructor

Miguel is the Director at Universo Pilates – Centro Pilates Autentico Sevilla, Spain – He is the Director of the Portuguese School of Authentic Pilates – EPDAP®, Teacher of the Teachers, guest lecturer at the Spanish School of Authentic Pilates, and is the technical and pedagogical director of the Universe Pilates – Pilates Center Seville. Born in Oporto Portugal Miguel is following his dream to expand and share the Portuguese School of Authentic Pilates. The merging of the two schools will create a new brand: Uno Pilates Method. http://www.unopilatesmethod.com/

Miguel was one of 12 selected to enter the highly regarded certification program “ The work” at the Vintage Pilates Studio under the mentorship of Jay Grimes himself. Miguel will complete “Teaching The Work” in 2016.


Miguel's Classes