Ernesto Reynoso

Pilates Instructor

As the founder and owner of Forza Pilates Systems, Ernesto Reynoso has merged the expertise, skills, and knowledge acquired from rich layers of experience as a second-generation Pilates instructor, former owner and operator of a popular New York City classical Pilates studio, an
accomplished professional ballet dancer, mentor and trainer of numerous successful Pilates instructors, lifelong student of movement, and craftsman and builder of classical Pilates equipment. Ernesto studied Pilates with and was certified by the renowned Romana Kryzanowska, who taught Ernesto the method and techniques she had learned directly from Joseph Pilates. With Ernesto’s unique and inspiring skills as an instructor, he quickly developed a loyal following of devoted clients and became a respected member of the community of Pilates professionals. Ernesto then began to focus on training teachers, integrating his expertise in movement, which began with his work as a professional dancer and continues through devoted study of Pilates as well as certifications in Positional Release Therapy, The Albert Protocol for Muscle Pain Relief,
and Z Health Performance Solutions. He has taught internationally and filmed training videos for the well-known Pilatesology online system. Ernesto’s essay on intuition in teaching Pilates is published in the book Voices of Classical Pilates, edited by Peter Fiasca (2013). Now, through Forza Pilates Systems, Ernesto addresses the need in Mexico for high-quality, properly designed classical Pilates equipment. While serving as the founder, co-owner, and operator of Pilates Challenge, which was one of the largest classical Pilates studios in New York City, and then the owner of studios in Ensenada, Mexico, Ernesto recognized the challenges instructors face in outfitting their studios with essential Pilates apparatus. To meet this need,Ernesto and Forza Pilates Systems build the full range of classical Pilates equipment, all handcrafted under Ernesto’s careful and discerning eye, constructed at his shop in Ensenada, and built to his exacting specifications, with the use of highly skilled local artisans. Forza Pilates Systems’ classical Pilates equipment now can be found in top Pilates studios throughout Mexico.


Ernesto's Classes