Fabien Menegon

Fabien Menegon Pilatesology Teacher

Born in France, Fabien Menegon was dedicated from an early age to the cultivation of the physical body.

His first specialties were in gymnastics and ballet. Fabien performed worldwide, dancing pieces of Balanchine, Petipa, Lifar, Bessy, Béjart, Kilyan and Nureyev, among others. Fabien was included in many co-productions with the dance company of the Paris Opera, often dancing with Rudolf Nureyev.

While residing in the Netherlands, Fabien had his first contact with the Pilates method in The Hague.

Fabien continued to refine his knowledge of Pilates at the The Art of Control and in 2001, he began his certification at the Authentic Pilates ™ studio in Seattle under the direction of Dorothee Vandewalle. Later he traveled to New York to study and become certified under the guidance of Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Pace Mejia.

Fabien is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Teachers of Pilates and in 2003 to opened his own studio, Centre Pilates in the heart of Barcelona.

Visit Fabien in Barcelona for lessons at Centre Pilates and teacher training in Spain at eedap.com and follow him on Instagram @fabienpilatesofficial.

Fabien's Classes