Peter Roel
Romana Certified Instructor

Peter Roël (PMA certified) was educated at the Dance Conservatory at Arnhem in the Netherlands, specializing in dance education. He moved to NYC in 1983 to pursue his dance career and while doing so started his Pilates education in 1984 with Kathy Grant. In 1991, he was certified to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska and in 1998 he studied and was certified to teach Gyrotonics by Julio Horvath. In 1986 Peter introduced Pilates to the Netherlands while teaching dance and performing as a principle dancer with among others, Elisa Monte and Martha Graham dance companies.

From 1998-2001, Peter was co-director, teacher trainer and studio manager at Power Pilates in NYC. In these capacities, Peter was instrumental to the development and growth of the company. Because of a lifetime as a competitive track and field athlete, gymnast and dancer, Peter gives an integrative and individual approach to his teaching Pilates. Email Peter

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