Gustavo Galati

Gustavo Galati Pilatesology Instructor
Gustavo Galati graduated in Physical Education from the Paulista University of São Paulo. He graduated from the Authentic Pilates School in 2007 and has a Pilates certificate from Romana Kryzanowska and Inelia Garcia. Gustavo worked as technical coordinator for 4 years at The Pilates Studio® Brasil-Authentic Pilates-Morumbi and was technical coordinator of the Pilates Studio® Brasil-Authentic Pilates-Cidade Jardim. He collaborated for 12 years with Inelia Garcia.
He was a co-creator of Meeting Pilates Contrology, an event held in Brazil. He runs a teacher training program that is now in its third year. His last training group took place at Vo2 Studio in 2023. He has been a guest presenter at international Pilates conferences and events. He currently resides in New Zealand where you can find him teaching at Authentic Pilates Gisborne.

Gustavo's Classes