Anthony Rabara

Online Pilates Teacher

Anthony Rabara has taught the Pilates method since 1983, and is a Master Teacher with Romana’s Pilates. He was introduced to Pilates in 1979 because of a dance related injury, was rehabilitated and then asked by Romana Kryzanowska (Joe Pilates’ successor) to help her teach. At the time, the Pilates studio was located near Carnegie Hall on West 56th St. It was a time before Pilates textbooks and videos, when each instructor learned all the exercises on all the equipment and had to execute them at a high level of proficiency. The studio then moved to the ‘East Side’ and it was there that Romana began her certification program. Anthony was one of eight who were the first to certify with Romana in the mid-80’s. Documented on videotape, Romana conducted each instructor through the hundreds of exercises that are in the Pilates syllabus. Anthony left New York in 1987 and opened his studio in Princeton, NJ.

Because Anthony’s commitment is to preserve and teach Pilates as it was originally created and passed to Romana, each client receives only the purest form of the Pilates method. He passes the torch to the next generation of Pilates teachers by training and mentoring students enrolled in the Romana’s Pilates Teacher Certification Program. Visit Anthony at Anthony Rabara Pilates in Princeton, NJ and follow him on Instagram @anthonyrabara.


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