Bob Liekens

Pilates instructor

Originally from Belgium, Bob traveled to New York in 1983 to further explore his dance career. That same year he started his Pilates training at the original Pilates studio of Romana Kryzanowska. Three years later Romana invited him to start teaching at her studio, he has been teaching under her inspiration ever since. Starting in 1993, Bob was instrumental in the development of Romana’s Teacher Training program. He co-created the training manual and originated the current exam system.

Those years Bob also studied at the Graham Center for Contemporary Dance and, in 1991, became one of the first instructors certified in the technique. He taught at the school for two years. For more than twenty five years now, Bob has been teaching the Method, he has conducted Teacher Training seminars worldwide and has developed and taught Continuing Education programs both in the States and Internationally.


Bob's Classes