Cathy Strack

Online Pilates Teacher

Cathy Strack discovered Pilates in 2001 while working as a Personal Trainer. She became certified in 2003 and has been studying ever since, devoting her time exclusively to the Classical Pilates Method. Helping people become stronger as a result of the physical and mental benefits of Pilates comes naturally as her first career was in the field of psychology; she holds an M.S. in Clinical Psychology. Endeavoring to learn more about the people behind the Pilates Method, Cathy has become skilled at finding people that knew Joe and Clara Pilates and she has captured their stories in interviews that bring a new depth of understanding of the personal lives of Joe and Clara. Cathy rediscovered and republished the Pilates Pamphlet, a piece of Pilates history written by Joe Pilates. Cathy has completed Love All Around: The Romana Kryzanowska biography. She is writing two more books: a biography about Joseph Pilates and a compilation of biographies of all the other First Generation teachers.



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