Teresa Shupe

Pilates Teacher

Teresa Shupe has been teaching Pilates professionally full-time for over 25 years. Certified by Romana Kryzanowska, she trained with and has worked closely with Lori Coleman-Brown for decades. She’s been fortunate to have studied with many of the world’s most esteemed Pilates instructors, including “Pilates Elders” who were themselves taught by Joe and Clara Pilates.

Teresa took-to-heart the simple yet powerful direction from Romana to “move the body” and has dedicated much of her life to dance, martial arts and Pilates. She’s a black diamond skier with a black belt in Kung Fu. She keeps bodies in motion, teaching clients how to use The Pilates Method effectively to develop and maintain healthy bodies. Her teaching can be precise and demanding, but always with respect for the individual and aimed at helping them reach their goals.

In 2009 Teresa founded Atlas Pilates, a busy working studio in Seattle frequented by clients from all walks of life. She maintains the supportive environment that allows instructors to find their own voice while remaining true to the Pilates method. She has been deeply involved in Atlas Pilates comprehensive Teacher Training Program, and she regularly presents during Atlas Pilates teacher training seminars and popular continuing education events. Teresa mentors staff and students with regular in-studio training where she presents material, answers questions, and provides counsel on working with challenging clients. She consults with peers and provides advice on studio operations and management.

Teresa's Classes