Clare Dunphy Hemani

Inside the Pilates Studio: Clare Dunphy

Clare Dunphy Hemani is a world recognized Pilates teacher and educator.  Her roots  in the industry began at Northeastern University, Boston where she earned a BS in Physical Education in 1985.  She holds certifications through The Pilates Guild, PMA, and ACE. In 1995, Clare began her Pilates studies under Romana Kryzanowska and has since studied with several other teachers. Clare lives in Newburyport, MA where her studio Progressive Bodyworks is located, a unique space for teachers around the world to study the art of teaching Pilates.  She has spent the past 12 years mentoring teachers and teacher trainers worldwide and created two free video channels on for students and teachers interested in continued learning and keeping the work vibrant in their life.  Committed to preserving the authenticity and tradition of Pilates, her approach is refreshing, energetic and supportive. Clare’s gift is her willingness to share knowledge generously and her ability to explain concepts in simple, clear ways.

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Clare's Classes

Clare Dunphy Hemani Pilates Mat


The Lost Art of Sitting, Standing and Squatting

Clare Dunphy Hemani


Thighs, Butts & Guts Mat

Clare Dunphy Hemani


Tower with Airplane Board

Clare Dunphy Hemani


The Foot Workout

Clare Dunphy Hemani


Once Around Your Core

Clare Dunphy Hemani


MatFlow with Clare – Class 1 of 3

Clare Dunphy Hemani


MatFlow with Clare – Class 2 of 3

Clare Dunphy Hemani


MatFlow with Clare – Class 3 of 3

Clare Dunphy Hemani