Elvy Perez Stigsby

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Elvy is a Pilates teacher and Transformational Life and Wellness coach. She received her Pilates certification in New York City through Romana Kryzanowska. Elvy’s passion for movement began growing up in Colombia, where she was a member of several dance companies as a young girl. Elvy lived in London and then moved to New York City, where she graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business. She practiced Pilates as a private client for many years before becoming certified as an instructor about 20 years ago. She combines her expertise in Pilates, incorporating mind/body to improve and enhance the lives of her clients. She owned her boutique, Casa Pilates Studio, in Montclair, NJ, which is now permanently closed, and currently teaches her clients from other certified studios. Elvy’s passion is to extend the wisdom and happiness of living an active, healthy, and conscious lifestyle. She continues to advance in her practice, continuing to evolve as a Masterful Life Coach and in her love for Pilates by studying through workshops, conferences, and private sessions with world-class instructors, such as Kathy Ross-Nash, Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Lochard, Jay Grimes, Jerome Weinberg and many more. Elvy lives in Montclair, NJ, with her husband, Simon, and has two grown daughters, Isabella and Sofia, and her youngest son, Jasper. For more information about Elvy, please check out her website: ElvyPerez.com and follow her on Instagram @elvyperezstig.


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