Cynthia Shipley

Cynthia Shipley Pilatesology Instructor

Cynthia Shipley is a Romana’s Pilates Level II Instructor trainer and a former dancer. Cynthia began her dance career with The Baltimore Dance Theatre. Soon after, Cynthia attended The Dance Theatre of Harlem School and performed with the student company, The Workshop Ensemble. After graduation, Cynthia became a member of The Dance Theatre of Harlem Company,…

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Cynthia Lochard

cynthia lochard pilatesology teacher

Born in New York City, Cynthia began learning The Pilates Method in 1976, as a young dancer. Later she received a contract to dance with the New York City Ballet and worked for some of the world’s greatest choreographers like, George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins and others. During this time she continued to practice Pilates…

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Edwina Fontaine (1928 – Nov 24, 2014)

On November 24th, 2014 we lost another legend of Pilates: Edwina Seaver Fontaine. Her statuesque presence was familiar to any student of Pilates who worked out or apprenticed at True Pilates (formerly Drago’s Gym). At 85 years old, Edwina was still teaching Pilates up until about 8 months before her death. Having taught Pilates alongside Romana Kryzanowska…

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Pilatesology Teachers

Workout and Learn from the Best Our variety of unique, world-class instructors inspire with words and lead the most effective workouts and learning classes for all levels. Alisa Wyatt Pilatesology Co-FounderTeaching since 1999Hermosa Beach, CA Alexandra Bohlinger Pilates in PortugueseLondon, UK Alycea Ungaro Author & Celebrity TrainerNew York, NY  Amy Berger Star PilatesPhiladelphia, PA Andrea…

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