The Future of Pilates: Interview with Cynthia Lochard Part 2

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We had the opportunity to talk about the future and past of Pilates with one of Romana Kryzanowska’s chosen protégés, Cynthia Lochard. Cynthia came to Pilates in 1976 as a young dancer with the New York City Ballet (she was also in the movie Fame) and remains at the center of the Romana’s Pilates organization traveling worldwide as a Teacher Trainer. In Part 2 of our interview (if you missed it, here's Part 1), Cynthia shares on a variety of topics, including the history she learned from Romana and a recent biography of Joe Pilates (you can find the book here: Joseph Hubertus Pilates The Biography by Esperanza Aparicio Romero and Javier Perez Pont); whether she finds the archival Pilates material valuable as a teacher; what it means to be a hands-on teacher; what qualities she looks for in a good teacher; the value of teaching clients to be independent by integrating play and self-reliance into workouts; what she thinks about the trend of blending Pilates with other methods; whether she feels there are teachers in the next generation of Pilates instructors with the ability to carry on the legacy; what she would like to see more of in the teaching of Pilates.

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  1. pilatesgal50 6 years ago

    The less is more philosophy:

    less talking+ less coddling+ less hands on = more ACTION!

    Who knew pilates instructors were such brilliant mathematicians and physicists! Even Einstein would be impressed with the simplicity.

  2. joesmat 6 years ago

    Such a delightful Lady.
    I very much enjoyed the interview, and it is the first time I have ever heard of a Classical Instructor trying to run her studio along similar lines as the students experienced at Romana’s Studio and Mr Pilates Studio.
    Much wisdom from this very special Classical Instructor.
    A privilege to learn from her. Thank you Alisa for making it possible.
    P.S. Maybe, next time Alisa you could persuade this great Instructor to go through a mat practice personally on PILATESOLOGY!

  3. pilates 6 years ago

    So interesting to hear different people share their perception of Pilates etc. Love the “less talk” suggestion (guilty sometimes, I admit:)). Know Alisa does a “Silence is Golden” mat workout, will revisit that for sure!

  4. Ynowak 6 years ago

    It was such a great interview, thank you for sharing. My favorite quote is, “It’s very difficult to not make the work about you.”. Very profound, and I will be doing my best to keep that thought in mind whenever I teach.

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