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Andrea’s Reformer on the Mat

If you think Pilates on the Reformer is easier than on the Mat, this class just might change your mind. Take the help of the springs away and you’ll quickly discover where they have been allowing you to cheat. Andrea’s own sequence brings fun surprises like Rowing using arm weights, the Short Box on the Mat, Elephant Walk, Side Splits, Russian Splits and more. Visit Andrea at: www.pilatesandrea.com.
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Andrea's Reformer on the Mat (50 min) 

Centered and Sweaty Mat (30 min) 

Charlie's Angels Mat (40 min) 
clare dunphy hemani pilatesology

Dorothee's Advanced Mat (40 min) 

Favorite Mat (30 min) 

Hotel Room Mat (60 min) 
Mejo Wiggin teaching an advanced Pilates Mat

Mat with a Towel (40 min) 
Pilatesology Teacher Victoria Capan teaching student

Mat with a Towel Advanced (40 min) 
victoria torrie capan pilatesology

Skinny Jeans Mat (60 min) 

Stretchy Mat (50 Min) 

Top to Bottom Mat (50 min) 
alycea ungaro pilatesology


4 Minute Stomach Series (5 min) 

Dancers WarmUp Mat (15 min) 

Gina's Daily Mat (10 min) 

Magnetic Mat (15 min) 

Mat to the Max (15 min) 

Travelers Mat (15 min) 
Lauren Stephan


Gentle Beginner Mat (20 min) 

Gentle Mat Workout (30 min) 

Pilates Wall Workout (30 min) 

Pre Pilates Mat Rx (15 min) 
Jennifer Kries

Restorative Mat (20 min) 

Slow and Gentle Mat for Back Pain (30 min) 
Alisa Wyatt Pilatesology

The Wall for Better Posture (10 min)