Focus: Tight Upper Back & Kyphosis

Wunda Chair for a Tight Ribcage

Expansion Wunda

By Jessica Marcussen on February 19, 2023

Improving Thoracic Mobility

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on November 11, 2020

Correct Kyphosis with Pilates

Correcting Kyphosis Workshop

By Sonjé Mayo on April 10, 2019

The Upper Body Lift Workout

By Fabien Menegon on February 4, 2019

TLC Reformer Workout with Clare Dunphy Hemani

TLC Reformer Workout

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on February 1, 2019

Sonje’s Special Spine Corrector

By Sonjé Mayo on October 8, 2018

Stretch it out Small Barrel (Italiano)

By Gloria Gasperi on April 30, 2018

Stiff Back? Do This Mat

By Fabien Menegon on November 20, 2017

Small Barrel Spine Flossing

By Blossom Leilani Crawford on September 6, 2017

Real Life Pilates with Anthony

By Anthony Rabara on June 6, 2017

Workout: Upper Body Basics

By Kathi Ross Nash on May 15, 2017

Tutorial: Lower Body Basics

By Kathi Ross Nash on April 10, 2017

Combatting Stiffness Case Study

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on March 3, 2017

Pedi Pole Tech Neck Fix

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on February 17, 2017

Pilates teaching tips with Moses Urbano

Teaching Athletic Men

By Moses Urbano on September 5, 2016

Post-Travel Decompress Workout

By Kathi Ross Nash on August 29, 2016

Small Barrel Bliss

By Brett Howard on August 3, 2016

Rejuvenating Spine Corrector

By Lauren Stephen on July 22, 2016

Tight Hamstrings Reformed!

By Lauren Stephen on May 18, 2016

Daily Stretch for Calves and Shoulders

By Niedra Gabriel on February 24, 2016

Barrel Skills Workout

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on February 8, 2016

Spine Corrector with Anthony

By Anthony Rabara on January 27, 2016

Spine Corrector How To with Junghee

By Junghee Won on December 4, 2015

Contraindications Workshop

By Kara Wily on November 23, 2015

Swedish Bar Series

By Lauren Stephen on July 16, 2015

Two Inches Taller Reformer

By Lori Coleman-Brown on April 22, 2015

Studio Workout for Stiff Upper Backs

By Sandy Shimoda on April 8, 2015

Wunda Chair Workshop with Clare Dunphy Hemani

Wunda Chair Shorts – Bum Knees & Stiff Backs

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on January 21, 2015

Pilates Strategies for Kyphosis

Case Study: Strategies for Kyphosis

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on April 23, 2014

Tower Chest and Hip Openers

By Niedra Gabriel on February 28, 2014

Pilates on Swedish Bars

By Kathi Ross Nash on February 14, 2014

Neck and Shoulder Tension Rx

By Lauren Stephen on January 15, 2014

Pilatews Barrels workout with Simona Cipriani

Stand Taller Barrels Workout

By Simona Cipriani on August 16, 2013

Slow & Gentle Mat for Back Pain

By Alisa Wyatt on June 13, 2013

Pilates for Neck and Shoulder Pain with Molly Niles Renshaw

Tension Free Shoulders and Neck

By Molly Niles Renshaw on May 24, 2013

Advanced Ladder Barrel – Part 4 of 4

By MeJo Wiggin on March 5, 2013