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If you're looking for teaching examples featuring regular clients just like yours, don't miss this video! In it, Anthony Rabara works with his weekly students John and Deborah, giving them a vigorous workout that begins on the Cadillac, moves to the Reformer and finishes on the Pedipole. Observe him and you'll come away with a wealth of knowledge to benefit your own clients, including Anthony's brilliant hands on and visual cues, his authoritative and kind tone of voice, his attention to detail for what his students need and how he applies the work to each individually. There's so much to learn from here we can't list it all but trust us, you'll want paper and pen at the ready to take notes! For teacher training and lessons with Anthony Rabara, visit his studio in Princeton, NJ: Anthony Rabara Pilates.

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  1. jernestops
    jernestops 2 years ago

    Great Anthony!! For when more of him?

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