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When your body is in need of a little extra TLC this Reformer workout is the ticket. Clare follows the routine she gives a stiff client who loves golfing but has endured many surgeries and has to rebuild her strength. You’ll enjoy the way Clare breaks down exercises to make them simpler. If you’re a teacher, there’s a wealth of information to be gleaned here for working with your own clientele. Visit Clare at Progressive Bodyworks and explore her program for studio owners: Pilates Avatar.

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  1. brooke
    brooke 12 months ago

    Really good class Clare. I have a 79 YO female client I’ve been working with for a couple years. She’s deeply dedicated. She has scoliosis and has had a hip replacement. Was fairly inactive for entire life but decided to focus on her after the death of her husband. Her progress has been inspirational. This class will really help me with some new ideas to keep her strong. Thanks so much.

  2. Laura Bower 2 years ago

    This was amazing & spot -on. The majority of our clients are over 65 and have physical limitations. Such wonderful variations were included so that the clients can still do The Work safely & effectively. Thank you Claire for sharing this with us. As our population ages, continuing to move becomes so important. The beauty of Pilates is the active flexibility and strength in each exercise. More videos like this would be wonderful!

  3. amorepilates 2 years ago

    Hi Clare, thank you for this workout, you’ve given me some ideas I may be able to work with . One of my clients has good days and bad days and sometimes she can’t get to the floor and lay down on her tummy to do some extension exercises. I will get her to try the long box exercises that you have given here. I’m from Australia, Melbourne and was taught through Peak Pilates up to cert. 2, so I have some videos with you in them. Thank you again 🙂

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