Duration: 50 - 60 min

It’s All the Mat: Classical Intermediate Mat

By Cynthia Shipley on October 26, 2020

Spider Man Workout

By Alexandra Bohlinger on October 23, 2020

Anatomy in Motion

By Lori Coleman-Brown on October 21, 2020

Pilates with Brett Howard

Establishing Roots to Grow

By Brett Howard on October 14, 2020

Less Is More

By Alycea Ungaro on October 12, 2020

Reformer on the Mat with Phoebe

By Phoebe Higgins on October 9, 2020

Kathy Grant’s Gems – Part 1

By Sarita Allen on October 5, 2020

Get in the Groove Mat

By Alisa Wyatt on September 28, 2020

Spring Toning Tower

By Simona Cipriani on November 4, 2019

Weights for Change

By Kathi Ross Nash on October 7, 2019

Stretchy Tower

By Alisa Wyatt on September 2, 2019

Cadillac Workout

Cadillac for Pelvic Stability

By Sonjé Mayo on July 12, 2019

Intermediate with a Jump

By Cary Regan on May 10, 2019

The Zone Reformer

By Chris Robinson on March 27, 2019

Reformer on the Mat with Clare

By Clare Dunphy Hemani on March 25, 2019

Ultimate Wunda

By Miguel Silva on February 15, 2019

Stretch Your Back Tower

By Gloria Gasperi on February 8, 2019

Reformer on the Mat with Fabien

By Fabien Menegon on November 12, 2018

Teaching Athletes with Moses

By Moses Urbano on September 28, 2018

Memories of Joe Pilates with Sonje & Jay

By Alisa Wyatt on September 5, 2018

Dealing with Osteoporosis

By Sonjé Mayo on July 21, 2018

Intensity Reformer with Sonje

By Sonjé Mayo on July 2, 2018

Inelia Garcia’s Home in Sao Paulo (Portuguese)

By Alisa Wyatt on June 13, 2018

Wunder Stuhl Workout

By Sonjé Mayo on June 11, 2018

Magic Sonje

By Sonjé Mayo on May 2, 2018

Archival Men’s Standing Arm Springs (Portuguese)

By Inelia Garcia on March 12, 2018

Fabien Menegon's Reformer on Mat (Spanish)

Reformer on the Mat (SPANISH)

By Fabien Menegon on January 11, 2018

Romana’s Reformer on the Tower

By Alisa Wyatt on January 1, 2018

Special Sauce Cadillac

By Karen Frischmann on November 27, 2017

Meditation in Motion Reformer

By Cynthia Lochard on October 19, 2017

First Time Lesson with Sandy Shimoda

By Sandy Shimoda on October 18, 2017

Super Advanced Pilates Reformer Workout for Men with Inelia Garcia

Portugal Power Reformer

By Inelia Garcia on October 16, 2017

Wunda for Men

By Inelia Garcia on October 9, 2017

Reformer Trio with Victoria

By Victoria Torrie-Capan on October 6, 2017

Applying The System

By Lori Coleman-Brown on September 22, 2017

Men’s Mat with Inelia

By Inelia Garcia on September 5, 2017