Can I Do Pilates With Osteoporosis?

osteoporosis pilates

We often hear members ask if Pilates is safe for Osteoporosis or Osteopenia (the precursor to Osteoporosis). Short answer: yes! If done properly, Pilates offers a great solution for strengthening bones and preventing fractures. In this blog, we’ll dive into the benefits of Pilates for Osteoporosis and exercises to avoid that can put a strain on your spine. Read on for workouts to try that are Osteoporosis-safe!

Pilatesology offers tons of Osteoporosis-safe workouts and is a great tool in helping you understand the best exercises for your body and feel confident in your workouts. See a filtered list Osteoporosis/Spine-Safe workouts here.

How Pilates Can Benefit Someone With Osteoporosis

Done correctly, Pilates exercises can help increase bone density, strength & muscle mass, and improve balance, posture & alignment.

Pilates is low-impact and gentle on the joints, and strengthens the core (powerhouse) muscles which make everyday activities easier and safer for those with Osteoporosis or Osteopenia.

Guidelines for Pilates & Osteoporosis

People with osteoporosis should avoid Pilates exercises that involve bending forward or rolling, and should be very cautious about performing exercises that involve twisting the spine. There are specific Osteoporosis-safe workouts on Pilatesology that eliminate these moves.

Mat exercises to avoid include: Roll Up, Roll Over, Jackknife, Spine Twist, Saw, among others. Alternatively, here are some safe exercises: Single Leg Kick, Side Lying Series, Leg Pull, and Pre-Pilates exercises that don’t involve lifting your head off the floor, such as Marching and Toe Taps.

Featured Classes for Osteoporosis

We have over 40 classes that are Osteoporosis-safe! Head over to our Classes section and filter by Osteoporosis/Spine-Safe.


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