How To Level Up On The Reformer

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Have you been working out at the same level on the Reformer and feel ready to level up? ⚡️ We have the ticket for you!

First off, give yourself a pat on the back for pushing forward and moving onto the next level on the Reformer! Reformer Pilates is one of the best movements for your body to gain better posture, control, flexibility, power, and strength… and the list goes on and on…

Here is a roadmap of classes so you can progress wherever you are in your journey:

Beginner Looking for a Place to Start

Beginner Reformer Progression

After getting familiar with your home Reformer, Alisa takes you through an 8-class workout series aimed at building new skills in each session to bring you maximum results. 

Going from Beginner to Intermediate

Reformer Series – The Basics

Alisa takes you through 4 classes that cover all of the basic movements on the Reformer to get you prepared for Intermediate level classes. There’s a button in the description that takes you to the next class: 

Progressive Reformer Series

You’re in expert hands with Clare as she leads you through the basics, adding on several Intermediate moves with lots of detailed instruction so you can learn all the tricks. Check out the 3-class series below, there’s a button in the description for the next class:

Try out those series first, and then check out this list filtered by Intermediate, Reformer and Slow pace which will give you more explanation and make you feel prepared to move onto to Intermediate classes!

Going from Intermediate to Advanced

Reformer Goals Series

This 3 class series teaches you the secret of the springs; Joseph Pilates called them your “extra muscles” and you’ll learn to use them to lengthen your body from the inside out. Get ready to ignite your Powerhouse in workouts that build to peak moves. You’ll get a deeper understanding of each exercise to make you feel strong and confident on the Reformer:

These three classes below are slow and steady Advanced Reformer classes that will deepen your understanding of exercises and slowly demonstrate each move:

Here is a list filtered by Advanced, Reformer and Slow pace which will give you more explanation and make you feel prepared to move onto to Advanced classes!

Go Further In Your Skills

Reformer 360 Series

Carrie Russo’s program Reformer 360 is designed to level up your practice. Each workout targets a different concept to challenge and increase your ability. You’ll feel the details that create results to improve your posture, flexibility, strength, control, breath and flow. This series is for seasoned practitioners and Pilates teachers looking for fun, challenging and short workouts that put your mind and body in-sync. 


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