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Daily Posture Rx – Class 1 of 2

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If you have osteoporosis, this mat series is for youand anyone for whom bending forward, twisting or loading the spine is contraindicated. Alisa Wyatt leads you in a slow-paced strengthening routine that rebuilds the key muscles of the core that keep you upright. She calls them your 'stand up straight' muscles, and while restoring them to full-glory might make you sweat, you'll feel the wonderful effects immediately when you realize it's easier to hold yourself upright. But what's happening inside you is the real bonus because you'll be reducing compression on your bones and lubricating your joints all the while improving your balance. TIP: If you do have osteoporosis, before you practice, please watch our companion workshop, Dealing with Osteoporosis—for vital information. You can find the next workout in this 2 part series here: Daily Posture Rx - Class 2 of 2. Props used in this workout can be found here: Round BolsterSmall D Roll Bolster.

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  1. Madhavi Abuja 2 years ago

    Love love love Sonja mayo. Thank you pilatesology for sharing her classes and workshops

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