Daily Posture Rx – Class 2 of 2

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If you have osteoporosis, this mat is for youand for anyone who should not be bending forward, twisting or loading the spine with extra force. In this second workout in her progressive series, Alisa Wyatt adds more challenge, an extra arm weights series to the end and an exercise done against a wall to boost strength, tone your bottom and improve hip strength. You can do the first 30 minutes when you don't have time for more. Enjoy standing taller and please be sure to watch our companion workshop, Dealing with Osteoporosis—for vital information about osteoporosis before you begin your workouts. Go here for the first workout in this series: Daily Posture Rx – Class 1 of 2 and for more workouts like this one visit our Spine Safe category. Props used can be found here: Round Bolster, Small D Roll Bolster. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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