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If you love Pilates but have a condition that means you should keep your spine straight, this workout is designed just for you. Carrie Russo takes you through an Intermediate level mat workout without the forward bending. Instead, you’ll get a deep core strengthening, spine elongating, inflammation busting session that will make you feel fantastic. Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates.

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  1. Author
    Carrie Russo 2 months ago

    Hi Sandy! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. You made my day!! I’m so happy it worked for your needs! I purposely structured this to be intermediate because you can have an issue that requires you to say fairly square in your box yet you can still have a strong powerhouse. 🙂 I had vertigo on and off for a couple years about 15 years ago and it was no fun, so I can relate to you. Good for you that you keep yourself moving in spite of that! I sure hope yours goes away as well. Take Care, Carrie

  2. SandytheGoddess 2 months ago

    Carrie, thank you for this workout! It is also good for those of us who sometimes get positional vertigo and need a break from the constant rolling up and down but still want good core engagement and a stretch!

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