Top 3 Reasons to Hire a Traveling Pilates Instructor

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Guest Blog Post From Traveling Pilates Instructors

Written by Stephanie Vanderbeck

Back when I owned a pilates studio, it didn’t even cross my mind that I could hire a Pilates instructor for temporary or seasonal help.  And boy, did I miss out!  As business owners, we are painfully aware that Pilates can be seasonal—not just in tourist destinations, but also in the suburbs.  Each year I would hustle to hire new instructors to meet the rush of new business each September, only to cut classes during summer vacation. This gut-wrenching tension is what led my friend and fellow studio owner Tricia Whitlock to create Traveling Pilates Instructors in the first place. 

Well, that and we both want to travel much more often.

So without further ado here are my top 3 reasons you should consider hiring a traveling Pilates instructor!

Your pilates studio is in a travel destination

If you have seasonal fluctuations in business due to your geography (Tahoe, Florida Keys), you should absolutely consider hiring a seasonal instructor! A seasonal/temporary pilates instructor will ensure you don’t have to turn away business at your peak profitability.

There’s now a whole subculture of Pilates instructors who want to teach in a vacation setting—and some who even travel for a living. While they get to score a vacation, you get to staff your pilates studio when you need it most.

With a little creativity, such as offering teaching hours in exchange for lodging, you could have your client overflow covered. Or instead of closing during the off-season, it may be may benefit your business to stay open for the locals. Either way, you stay ahead of the seasonal ebb and flow.

You need a break

Simply put, you have a life outside of your studio.  Whether it’s caring for your children or aging parents, or tending to a health concern, there are moments where you need to step away from the studio.  How often do you put yourself in last place behind your business? (All hands raised)

I remember it was just days before teaching my first ever apparatus training. My studio manager quit, and I suffered sudden irreversible hearing loss at the same time! I was juggling a full teaching schedule and squeezing in my hyperbaric chamber therapy for 2 hours a day.  It was one of the most stressful times of my entire life.  Looking back, hiring a temporary instructor to teach my clients would have given me the time I needed to get well and take control of the situation.

Taking time away isn’t selfish, it’s a necessity.  Maybe your schedule is overflowing and you just need to string together two days off. (Oh hey weekend, I forgot you were a thing.)  Reach out to a traveling pilates instructor today, and you’ll be prepared for life’s next emergency.

Your own growth

You are a business owner because you know how to take risks. It’s easy to forget that your leap of faith is what sparked your business. So consider that a traveling instructor can infuse new ideas and fresh energy into your studio. Most of our participating travel instructors have many years experience and different specialties like rehab, yoga, and other bodywork.

I can hear it already “my students can’t live without me”. They can. And sadly, they will if you burn out and close your doors.

Your open mindedness about new approaches to Pilates will set the example for your students.

Hiring a temporary instructor makes it possible to step away from your studio to further your own education via workshops, bridge training, etc. What is it that you have been putting off doing or trying? Or better yet, become a traveling pilates instructor and teach in a new city or culture.

As our fellow traveling instructor Ashlyn Adams astutely pointed out, “you don’t know unless you leap.”

Stay open to the possibility that your occasional absence may even be the ticket to your future growth.

So, would you hire a temporary or seasonal instructor? Or, have you been taught pilates in a travel destination?

Check out Traveling Pilates Instructors

Traveling Pilates Instructors’ founding mission is to connect Pilates instructors who love to travel with studio owners who need temporary or seasonal help.

Calling all Pilates instructors who love to travel…. and all studio owners who deserve a much-needed break. Your next opportunity awaits!

Learn more about Traveling Pilates Instructors here!

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