10 things you need to ask if you want to be a Pilates teacher

How to become a Pilates teacher

Choosing the right program for you is key

If you or someone you know is thinking about becoming a Pilates teacher, please keep reading!

These 10 simple questions will help guide you in the process of finding the perfect fit.

10 Questions to ask when choosing a Pilates Teacher Training Program

1. How many hours of study does the program require? (we recommend 600+ hours, minimum).

2. Will I be trained on all of the apparatus? (Comprehensive Programs are best. Mat-only courses do not cover the complexity of the method.)

3. Who is the lead instructor?

4. Will the lead instructor teach the course or will I be working with others?

5. Who will I work with during my observation hours?

6. Are there any extra fees to complete the requirements?

7. What guarantees do you provide if your school goes out of business for some reason?

8. Do you provide any benefits to alumni?

9. Will I be required to sign a contract that restricts me from teaching what I learn in this program?

10. Will I be required to do Continued Education to continue teaching what I learn in this program?

Many of the teachers you see on Pilatesology have their own teacher training programs so if you love someone’s work, email them directly to ask for referrals in your area or if they support remote learning.

Finally, do consider programs that aren’t in your area. We hear many stories from people who chose a program because it was close by only to regret their decision later.

Good luck!

We would love to hear about the positives and negatives you experience on your journey to becoming a Pilates teacher. Please share in the comments below or send us an email at info@pilatesology.com.


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