Tower Chest and Hip Openers

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Niedra shares exercises on the Tower or Cadillac for correcting tightness in the shoulders, chest and hips. Her student Jennifer has a tendency to grip in her shoulders and hips and Niedra’s explanation of how the body works and her hands-on assists make a visible change in her body in just 30 minutes! This class was filmed at Mind2Body studio in Sherman Oaks, CA, where Niedra runs a Pilates Teacher Training Program. You can find Niedra’s complete teaching schedule at her website,

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  1. Tracy Sue Du Plessis 2 years ago

    That was really great, thank you. I really appreciate your teaching. I will most certainly a few of those shares!!!

  2. pilatesangel 7 years ago

    Thanks Niedra for sharing! I love rolling on top of the leg in kneeling splits to loosen the “rust” in the joint. I will add this to my stretch practice and I am sure my sacrum will be smiling!

  3. Niedra Gabriel Author
    Niedra Gabriel 7 years ago

    Thank you Yoli, I know this is an unusual approach.
    I use this more and more as I see instant changes for the better in my clients and students, so I am realizing this is a mis understanding about how the body works and that using all the variables creates better balance in the muscles structure.

  4. Ynowak 7 years ago

    This was wonderful. I had not thought of rolling the shoulder in, in order to get more of a opening through the chest. I can’t wait to try that position on myself next time I’m on the tower. Thank you!

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