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Chris Robinson demonstrates an insanely intense complex of exercises on the Cadillac, aimed at building mental stamina. It's a physical challenge like this one that Chris carefully develops over time in the athletes he trains with the goal of helping them perform under pressure. You'll see that even as the series becomes more and more difficult, Chris works to maintain a calm, steady state and to not freak out. Keeping your mental state calm and disconnected from chaos is something we can all use more of, try it out! Visit Chris at S6 Fitness.

What Others Are Saying


  1. Luz Alejandra Lovern

    So Cool and strong, thank you Chris, you are very cool and thank you for inspire my work and personal training.

  2. Pilatesgirlie
    Pilatesgirlie 1 year ago

    So strong and inspirational. Thank you Chris!

  3. Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 1 year ago

    Legit! Love it !! Nice work and explanation. A goal worth pursuing ! Thanks Chris????

  4. Alejandro 1 year ago

    AWESOME Performance and Explanation of the Work. Very Inspiring !!! THANK YOU.

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