Improve Your Shoulder Range of Motion

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In this short learning video, Peter shares on the relationship between the arms and rib cage. Practice these movements and your range of motion will improve. For lessons and Teacher Training visit Peter in New York City at The Pilates Shop and Yoga Garage.

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  1. gituwagh 8 months ago

    Extraordinary!Im gonna watch this over and over again.

  2. pamdej
    pamdej 10 months ago

    Fascinating work.

  3. Peter Roel Author
    Peter Roel 10 months ago

    Happy you find the material useful. So much insight and fun to gain once inside an exercise. Thx again.

  4. aubergine22 10 months ago

    SO brilliant! I cannot thank you enough for the absolute usefulness of this session.

  5. PILATESDURHAM 10 months ago

    Fascinating! SO helpful! Will be adding this to my favourites x

  6. pwarshay
    pwarshay 10 months ago

    Brilliant!!! I love this!

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