What Reformer Should I Buy?

what reformer should i buy

Are you looking to buy a Reformer for your home practice or studio? Here are our recommendations. 👇

Gratz Universal Reformer

Gratz is the professional brand that we recommend and use in our videos. This is the original equipment manufacturer for Mr. Pilates. Their equipment often has a long wait because it’s made by hand and will last for lifetimes. It also holds its value forever, you can literally sell a used Gratz Reformer for the same price you purchased it for.

Gratz Universal Reformer

AeroPilates Premier Reformer

This Reformer is a great option for your home practice. It’s the Reformer Alisa is using in her Reformer Progression Series.

AeroPilates Premier Reformer

We also recommend adding a box & pole which are key to the classical repertoire:

AeroPilates Box & Pole

TecnoPilates Folding Reformer

If you wanted to buy a more professional version of a home reformer that folds, the TecnoPilates Folding Reformer is a great option.

TecnoPilates Folding Reformer

Happy Hundreds!

Did you just buy a Reformer and are looking for a program? Check out these amazing programs for wherever you are in your journey:


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