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Advanced is in the Details

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Think you can rock an advanced Reformer workout? You can with Sonjé Mayo! Her first Pilates lessons were with Joe Pilates himself and with her keen attention to detail, you’ll learn something significant with every exercise, from how you mount the Reformer to the hardest version of Elephant you’ve ever done. You won’t get to indulge your bad habits because as Sonjé quips, “it’s not about range; it’s always about form.” For lessons, workshop requests and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjé Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Jennifer Allen

    So fantastic!! It will take me three days to get through all of this great detail. Thank you, all!!

  2. Madhavi Abuja 5 days ago
  3. darien
    darien 5 days ago

    Thank you for a great morning workout, Sonje! Omg, the Elephant…in love with it all over again❤️

  4. mostah87 1 week ago

    Dear Sonye,

    Everytime I see you, I am enjoying your style of teaching. I was wondering if the Short Spine Massage transition is Joseph’s?

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