How To Go From Intermediate to Advanced in Pilates

intermediate to advanced pilates

Have you been working out at the Intermediate level in Pilates and feel ready to level up your practice? We’re here to help you achieve your goals and discover new movement & exercises your body craves! Here’s how to level up from Intermediate to Advanced in Pilates:

First, let’s cover the main differences between Intermediate & Advanced Pilates classes on Pilatesology💡:

The main differences between Intermediate level and Advanced are:

• We generally leave out exercises that roll the body weight onto the neck until the advanced level.

• In advanced, exercises are introduced that put body weight on one arm (Side Bend) and some become more complex like Kneeling Side Kicks, full Swan Dive and more.

• In advanced, the concept of flow is a much bigger focus so the workout will move more quickly in general.

Here’s some classes to try to start progressing to get to Advanced level. 🎉



Best or Nothing Mat: this class is advanced but Sonjé Mayo is very detailed in her descriptions so you’ll get a lot of information.

Niedra Gabriel introduces some Advanced moves really well in these two classes:

Intermediate with Advanced Sprinkles

Fine Tuning the Advanced Mat

Build specific skills with Kim Reis:
The Power of 3 Workout
Star Mat

This series is developing skills you’ll need for Advanced and the last class introduces some exercises:

Mat Flow with Clare Class 1

Mat Flow with Clare Class 2

Mat Flow with Clare Class 3

Learn some great tricks in this Advanced Class with Michael Johnson:
Deep Core Strength

This class with Victoria Torrie-Capan feels great and is slow enough to learn from:
Stretchy Wake Up Mat

This class with Andrea Maida works on the flow and transitions needed for advanced:
Party on the Mat


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