How To Go From Beginner to Intermediate in Pilates

beginner to intermediate pilates

Have you been working out at the Beginner level in Pilates and feel ready to level up your practice? We’re here to help you achieve your goals and discover new movement & exercises your body craves! Here’s how to level up from Beginner to Intermediate in Pilates:

First, let’s cover the main differences between Beginner & Intermediate Pilates classes on Pilatesologyđź’ˇ:

The main differences between Beginner and Intermediate are:

• Beginner classes focus on foundational exercises with an emphasis on building strength in the Powerhouse.

• In Beginner, we exclude any movement that rolls body weight onto the neck. You will also see more modifications for various body issues.

• Depending on the focus in beginner classes, there may be fewer exercises linked together without rest and fewer complex movements.

Here’s some classes to try to start progressing to get to Intermediate Pilates level. 🎉



Next Level Mat: Once you’ve learned the basics of Pilates and can move with control you’re ready for the next level—adding flow to the mix with Tiziana.

In Gina Papalia’s Precision Flow Mat, she puts attention to precision for the first rep and then turns on the Pilates flow!

Marina Urbina’s Morning Joy Mat Class part of her (Pilates for Mental Health Series) is the perfect combination of self-care and a spicy workout.


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