5 Pilates Ab Moves To Add To Your Daily Routine

pilates series of 5

Need an energy boost? Rather than reaching for an extra cup of coffee, we recommend grabbing your mat and getting moving! We’ve put together 5 of our go-to Pilates ab moves that activate and energize your entire body.

We suggest doing each exercise 3-10 times; repeat daily or sprinkle it in a few times throughout the week and see the magic happen. 🪄

**Click on the image to be taken to our Exercise Encyclopedia to learn the moves! And keep reading for the science behind why these are the BEST core strengthening moves!

Single Leg Stretch

Pilates ab moves single leg stretch

Double Leg Stretch

Pilates ab moves double leg stretch

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Pilates ab moves single straight leg stretch

Double Straight Leg Stretch

Pilates ab moves double straight leg stretch

Criss Cross

Pilates ab moves criss cross

Want to know the science behind why these 5 Pilates moves are the all-time best core strengthener ever?

It’s because they target more than just your abs.

The Series of 5 strengthens your low back, pelvic muscles and all 4 groups of abs – in Pilates we call this combo your Powerhouse.

But did you know that simply strengthening your Powerhouse isn’t enough?

The critical element that Pilates gives us is coordination of your deep stabilizing muscles.

Coordination is the crucial component because research shows that those with healthy backs (as opposed to back pain) automatically stabilize their core by engaging all of these groups simultaneously.

Coordination prevents you from straining any one muscle group and gives you powerful strength! 

Try out these Pilates ab moves in the workouts below!


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