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Killer Abs Full Workout

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Carrie Russo’s killer abs shorts are so popular we brought her back for a full-length version. Can you make it? Your abs will thank you if you try! Visit Carrie in Los Angeles at Russo Pilates.

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  1. Author
    Carrie Russo 7 months ago

    I’m so glad you loved the class and that it lived up to it’s name!! 🙂  Yes- specific goals we want to meet always helps us measure that we are, in fact, getting stronger!  I look forward to the comment when you tell me you got through everything.  I have a feeling it won’t be too long from now! 🙂 

  2. Gyl Gunstream 7 months ago

    This class is aptly named. It is a killer but in a good way :). I couldn’t do everything the first time so I feel like I have something to work on. Awesome class!

  3. Author
    Carrie Russo 7 months ago

    That makes me so happy to hear!  Thanks for the feedback.  Hope you join me LIVE on Pilatesology Instagram for a FREE class!
    April 4th at 12pm PST 😀 

  4. Janaeluxestudio 7 months ago

    I very much enjoyed this flow!

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