Shoulder Bridge: The Magic Exercise That Targets Every Muscle

pilates shoulder bridge

Shoulder Bridge is a dynamic, versatile exercise that targets the whole body that you can progress over time with consistency.

This move is an anti-aging remedy for the spine and an amazing full-body strengthener.

Let’s explore why this move is so effective:

Shoulder Bridge strengthens the entire posterior chain, including the hammies, pelvic floor, abs, glutes and more but perhaps most notably, the erector spinae–the tiny muscles along our spine. These muscles are critical to good posture and movement of the spine.

Bridging also wakes up our glutes and builds incredible stability in the pelvis which helps us use our legs when we lift things instead of abusing our backs. 

Our bodies are pretty amazing, right?

The best part? As you consistently practice Shoulder Bridge, you gain stability in your hips and can add kicks for more challenge! 🔥

Tip: Check out our Exercise Encyclopedia to learn all the tips to master this move!

Shoulder Bridge

Try out Shoulder Bridge in the workouts below!


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