Basic 30 Day Mat Challenge

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Beginner Progression – Class 1 of 10

Alisa Wyatt is here to start your Pilates journey with a series designed to build your practice from a basic to intermediate level. This first class focuses on the fundamentals. Sometimes called Pre-Pilates, these exercises are slow and internal but they are huge power builders that will give you the stability and control over your pelvis that makes complex movements easy. Learn how to determine the correct position of your pelvis, how to hold onto it as you move, where you should bend from when you lift your head and a few simple exercises you can memorize for a stability and strength boost that is the best athletic preparation you can do! NOTE: This workout is safe to do for those whom forward bending (flexion) and twisting the spine is contraindicated due to osteoporosis, disc injuries or other issues because it keeps the spine straight while rebuilding the core, find more videos like this one in our Spine Safe and PrePilates categories. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.   Next Class Quick Start Home
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Week 1

DAY 1: Beginner Progression Class 1 (9 min) 

DAY 2: Age Strong Mat (50 min) 
Pilatesology teacher clare hemani

DAY 3: Beginner Progression Class 2 (23 min) 

DAY 4: Achieve the Roll Up (12 min) 

DAY 5: Pilates Basics wMari Winsor (24 min) 

DAY 6: Beginner Progression Class 3 (23 min) 

DAY 7: Pre-Pilates Workout with Sonjé (25 min) 

Week 2

DAY 08: Beginner Progression Class 4 (25 min) 

DAY 09: 3 Minute Slow Burn Stomach Series (6 min) 

DAY 10: Beginner Progression Class 5 (36 min) 

DAY 11: Mat at Jacobs Pillow (59 min) 
sean gallagher pilatesology

DAY 12: Foundation Flow (28 min) 
Niedra Gabriel

DAY 13: Daily Pilates for Low Back Care (34 min) 

DAY 14: Stand Up Mat (30 min) 

Week 3

DAY 15: Even Stretchier Morning Mat (31 min) 

DAY 16: Basic 101 Mat (57 min) 
Niedra Gabriel

DAY 17: ClassicFit Progression - Class 1 of 5 (42 min) 

DAY 18: Restore Your Core (35 min) 

DAY 19: Foundation Pilates (14 min) 

DAY 20: Beginner Progression Class 6 (34 min) 

DAY 21: Levitate Off Your Mat (29 min) 

Week 4

DAY 22: Tall Against the Wall (9 min) 
Brent Howard

DAY 23: Realign & Recover Mat (26 min) 
victoria torrie capan pilatesology

DAY 24: Low Back Pain Relief with MeJo (20 min) 

DAY 25: Beginner Progression Class 7 (33 min) 

DAY 26: High Heels Rx (22 min) 
Lynann Escatel

DAY 27: Pelvic Stability Mat (40 min) 

DAY 28: Beginner Progression Class 2 (25 min) 

DAY 29: Beginner Progression Class 9 (25 min) 

DAY 30: Beginner Progression Class 10 (18 min)