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Clare Dunphy Hemani Pilatesology Instructor

Case Study: Preparing for Hip Replacement with Clare Dunphy Hemani

PMA CECs : 2

Duration: 1 Hour

Price: $40  (for test only)

If you’re a teacher dealing with clients who have hip and knee issues, this brilliant workshop will fill your toolbox. In it Clare and her student Joe Giordano demonstrate a complete repertoire of exercises aimed at knee and hip rehab. When Joe first came to Clare he was in need of hip replacement surgery and was having extreme difficulty walking. Pilates has helped him to recover his ability to walk and has prepared for his upcoming surgery. Clare shares her strategy behind how she approaches knee and hip issues like Joe’s, why the Reformer might not be a good choice when dealing with injured lower extremities, and a complete plan for rebuilding strength and balance without risking further injury. The handout that Clare mentions in this video is available here: Rehab of hip and knee using Pilates.