Teaching Clients with Disc Herniation

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If you’re working with clients who are recovering from a herniated disc in the lumbar spine, this mini workshop will give you the information and tools you need to proceed with confidence. Sonje begins by giving  a brief explanation of what a client with disc herniation will have been doing in Physical Therapy (lots of extension) and how to begin rebuilding the muscles in the front of the body without putting the spine at risk. You’ll come away with a complete progression of exercises and knowledge of how to know when to move to the next step. NOTE: You can find the pad that Sonje uses under the spine here: D Pad. For lessons, workshop requests, teacher training, and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjémayo.com/. Filmed at Pilatesology Studio.

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  1. Carlie 1 month ago

    Great workshop Sonje, thank you. Love your emphasis on careful, patient work, keeping to principles of the work but showing us there is still so much they can do. Following the link to the D pillow ….. it’s out of stock and neither Amazon nor the Core company can say when it will be back in. The pillow you use looks quite soft/pliable and not too high; is it about 10 cm high? Just so I can find another make that will do as good a job. Thank you.

    • Sonje Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 month ago

      Thanks Carlie! Yes it appears that my videos have caused a sellout……
      If you are referring to the small D-roll from Core Products SKU 313, it is only about 5 cms high
      The bigger complete roll is 5 INCHES in diameter

  2. Pilatesforever91 3 months ago

    Thanks a lot! Can i get to link ? ( to pillow)

  3. Picka 4 months ago

    So much helpful!!! Thanks a lot!

  4. precious74 5 months ago

    wonderful Tutorial!really helpful and very well explained,thank you so much.

  5. sghughes 6 months ago

    great workshop sonje! so many people with back issues and they are SO
    afraid to move. love your emphasis on this and gaining trust by going slow and being deliberate. thank you!

  6. DawnDering 6 months ago

    Hi Sonje,
    This pillow is currently out of stock and Amazon isn’t sure if it will be back in. Any other brands you like?

  7. Alisa Wyatt

    Sorry everyone, the link to the pillow is now in the description–I had missed adding it in there and it finally occurred to me why you were all asking for it :).

  8. kerander
    kerander 6 months ago

    I really enjoyed this mini workshop. Also, please email me a link to the pillow: info@corepointpilates.com . Thank you.

  9. erinmohr 6 months ago

    link to pillow, me too please.

  10. Sonje Mayo Author
    Sonje Mayo 6 months ago

    I have emailed you the links

  11. ostrem 6 months ago

    Link to pillow?

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