Osteoporosis & Pilates: Teaching the Reformer

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Sonje Mayo shares a science-backed repertoire that is safe to teach to those with Osteoporosis and Osteopenia on the Reformer. Designed to strengthen the spinal extensors (we like to call them your stand-up-straight-muscles) as well as the deep core, you’re clients are guaranteed to feel taller afterward and more able to remain that way. We recommend watching Sonje’s full workshop on Osteoporosis before watching this in order to understand the why of what you’ll be teaching. For lessons, workshop requests, teacher training, and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjémayo.com/.

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  1. Carriejanik
    Carriejanik 1 year ago

    Hii! where do you buy the blue pillows that you use?

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      Please email me and I will send you the links.

  2. erinmohr 2 years ago

    This was a great class for so many of my clients! I have one client in particular with Macular Degeneration, so she cannot have her face down, i.e. no Pulling straps or Swan. Any other ideas for spinal extension without a face down position on the reformer or else where? She also does spine corrector and Pedipole, but it’s a challenge to find extension without a prone position. Also, what about clients with Osteoporosis who play golf? Shouldn’t we help them with some rotation?? thanks!

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Hi Erin,
      Good to hear that this has helped.
      Spinal Rotation for clients with full blown osteoporosis is contra-indicated. If they want to play golf, that will be at their own risk.
      You can do adequate spinal extension for the client with macular degeneration with chest expansion on the Tower and with a lot of exercises on the Arm Chair. It does not have to be hyperextension.

  3. Kelly Hurley
    Kelly Hurley 2 years ago

    This is going to help my body so much. I did this workout and instantly felt better. I’ve had burning pain in my back due to over rounding and I quickly realised what I was doing wrong in this workout and made me feel much better to correct it. Thanks sonja and your participants because there corrections were helping me.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      I am delighted that this has been of help to you. Take care of yourself.

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