Pilates and Osteoporosis with Sonje Mayo

Dealing with Osteoporosis

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This 2 hour workshop covers the causes and consequences of the ’silent disease’ known as osteoporosis. Not all exercise is appropriate for people with osteoporosis due to the fragility of their vertebrae. Learn about the optimal exercises and life changes that are required to live with osteoporosis. For lessons, workshop requests, teacher training, and Schroth work, visit Sonjé Mayo at http://Sonjémayo.com/.

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  1. candicesullivan 5 months ago

    Hello Sonja,
    I found your workshop so interesting and helpful, thank you. I have an elderly client who is recovering from myeloma and this has left her with even more of a stooped posture and muscular pain in her back when trying to stand up straight. She also mentioned she was told she has osteoporosis. (I have asked her to find out her T Score) So I am helping her with this and she said her daughter noticed that she was looking straighter after my session with her, which was great news. She does love to work in the garden and is therefore in flexion for a while. Should she continue with her gardening which brings her such pleasure… or stop and think about her body? I sometimes think that life is too short to give up everything we love doing.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonjé Mayo 5 months ago

      Hi Candice, I am delighted that this has been of help. As for your client, she can try and do part of her gardening in the L position, which of course is difficult to maintain. She needs to limit the rounding while gardening to 15 minutes, then stand upright, counter stretch her spine , walk around for a bit and then continue gardening.
      You are correct in saying that quality of life is very important and if her gardening gives her pleasure, we will encourage the activity, as long as she is not stuck in a stooped position for long periods.

      • candicesullivan 5 months ago

        Thank you, sound advice. I’m looking forward to watching another of your workshops later today. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend!

  2. ARK
    ARK 11 months ago

    Amazing! I have learned so much! Thank you.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 11 months ago

      Great! So delighted that it was of help to you.

  3. pbd 1 year ago

    Sonjé, thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and expertise! I so value what you share with us! Quick question, please…where might I find the round, blue pillows that you use to prop the spine? Is there a specific website you order from? Many thanks! ~Stephanie H.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 11 months ago

      Hi Stephanie,
      Sorry, I don’t know how I missed your comment and request. Thank you for watching.
      Please email me at sonjekm@gmail.com and I will send you the links for the blue pillows.

  4. Pilatesgirlie
    Pilatesgirlie 1 year ago

    Wonderful. Thank you so much.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      Thank you for your great feedback…..that always inspires me!

  5. pilateschic68 2 years ago

    I loved this workshop and it was a joy listening to you Sonja. You were very thorough but with a some humor. I am so glad I watched this.

  6. Vbauer 2 years ago

    Sonja! Thank you for this! I just emailed you for the links for the rolls! Thank you! Vicky Bauer

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 1 year ago

      Pleasure Vicky! I am happy to be of help…..

  7. Carolyne_Ergin

    like always,
    brilliant –
    Dankeschön !

    Greetings from Berlin

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Bitte sehr! So good to hear from you.
      Mit Liebe,

  8. Caponcl 2 years ago

    Wonderful workshop Sonje, thank you!

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Thank YOU for watching and learning!

  9. pjennings 2 years ago

    This is so fantastic! Thank you, so much, Sonje!

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      I am delighted that this has been of help!

  10. Loquette 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this lecture, it’s such an eye opener for me. I’m so glad I’ve seen it. I’m new to teaching Pilates but have been teaching yoga since 2011. My question: the rounding that we teach to our ‘healthy’ students, the rolls up and down etc etc, is that bad for them as well? Will it exacerbate or cause a hyper kyphotic condition?
    Also, if 50% of over 60 yr olds have osteoporosis, does this mean I should not teach rounding postures to anyone over 60 regardless of whether they know they have the condition?

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Hi Loquette,
      Healthy students have to round and must move in all directions in order to maintain a healthy spine.
      Not every older person necessarily has osteoporosis. If you think they look hyperkyphotic, insist that they get a T-score.
      You only avoid the ‘forced rounding’ of the spine IF you are sure they have osteoporosis.
      Remember osteoporosis is NOT a natural process of ageing.

  11. Janetlee 2 years ago

    Hello Sonje,
    May I ask where you purchased the soft props for under the thoracic spine?? Love this information and thanks for making it understandable for non PT’s.


    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      Hi there,
      Thanks for your interest!
      Please email me at sonjekm@gmail.com and I will send you the links for the rolls.

  12. patdlob 2 years ago

    This workshop is so timely! I am one of those who is ignoring my T scores, although my subconscious is not. I listened to the complete workshop and just did Alisa’s mat class related to this workshop. I need to pay attention to this information and thank you for reinforcing that so well and with such great evidence-based information. Yes, there is a lot of good and hard work that can be done with a straight spine.

    The production of these three related classes (with the transcription, pictures highlighted, etc.) was very useful as well.

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      I am gratified to hear that you are motivated to work intelligently with your osteoporosis.
      Keep it up!

  13. Madhavi Abuja 2 years ago

    I am so grateful to pilatesology for sharing your workshops and classes . I really hope I get to learn from you in person

  14. Pilates_Lover 2 years ago

    Sonja, thank you for this great information. I have many older clients. When I bring up bone density, it is very common for clients to say they are fine and can do anything. However, depending upon their age and body type (kyphosis, etc), I will sometimes teach with more of an osteo protocol. It is interesting to now include swimmers in my assessment of when to teach more safely. How old was your swimmer client who fractured her lumbar vertebrae?

    • Sonjé Mayo Author
      Sonje Mayo 2 years ago

      The lady was 62 years old, very fit and trim, with a mild Scoliosis but minimal exaggerated kyphosis.

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