Pilates Rib Cage Cues with Peter Roël

Ribs: To Close or Not To Close?

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In Pilates you will often hear the cue to close your ribcage which can lead to a rounding of the shoulders forward. In this video Peter demonstrates several exercises for training the stability of your shoulder girdle to engage and lengthen the mid-back and connect it to obliques and pelvis. Follow along and you’ll discover a new length in your upper back that will transform your posture and your practice. Don’t miss the conversation about Peter’s thoughts on teaching at the end. For lessons and Teacher Training visit Peter in New York City at The Pilates Shop and Yoga Garage.

What Others Are Saying


  1. stewingabout 1 year ago

    Soooooooooooo good!! Thank you!

  2. Avishag 2 years ago

    This was an excellent workshop packed with most valuable information. Thank you.

  3. louizaleo 2 years ago

    I love you! What a session!

  4. gituwagh 2 years ago

    Wow,this is fantastic.Got a whole new perspective about lengthening the spine,specially the back of neck.

  5. Tracy Sue Du Plessis 2 years ago

    That was great, thank you and i appreciated what you said at the end about Clients are individual but the exercise can be the same but modified.
    Thank you!!!!

  6. Dawn Connellan 3 years ago

    Great sequencing and excellent teaching.

  7. pilatesangel 3 years ago

    So much fantastic knowledge here. Peter thank you for this breakdown and for a reminder of teach the body. Even our own.

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