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When we turn our head we often tighten the muscles underneath the skull in our neck which can lead a head tilt instead of rotation. In this video, Peter shares his quick tips and those he learned from his mentor Kathy Grant, for turning your head by lengthening the neck muscles while strengthening the middle back. For lessons and Teacher Training visit Peter in New York City at The Pilates Shop and Yoga Garage.

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  1. lyn wilkinson 2 years ago

    Great tip specially for the students that over correcting them selves. The concept of growing tall many times is interpreted as chin up. From the lying position they might understand better the concept of following the moon. Thanks Peter!!

  2. pilates-powers.de

    Great tip. Thank you.

  3. agreen1983
    agreen1983 3 years ago

    Great tips thank you!

  4. Peter Roel Author
    Peter Roel 3 years ago

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Enjoy.

  5. Claudia 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for sharing!!
    I totally agree with the comment of joesmat

  6. joesmat 3 years ago

    Alisa, can you offer more of Mr Peter Roel’s free mat teachings and without Apparatus!
    The Gentleman is quite special.

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